Participants and Sponsors


Staff + Interns + Volunteers

  • Fernanda Pereira did some of the larger genre entries. Meg and Quinn cleaned up the ones taken from the ARC genre database.
  • Sergio Sayeg (Euguene Lang College) was a prime researcher for sites and people in the links section.
  • Meghan Milewski (Queens College) catalogued Beco's records, did scans, corrected adreaded accent marks in HTML and did a great deal of the frantic last minute this-and-that.
  • Kate Mullen (Barnard) and Sari Feinstein (University of North Texas) put together the instrument database.
  • Kate and Joseph Ostanski did the bulk of video harvesting.
  • Gabi Sifre (Palmer MLS Student) also did a great deal of on-line harvesting and data entry.
  • Sam Javitch (William Paterson University) contributed the essay on Hermento Pascoal.
  • Volunteer Tim McDonough and interns Jaime Barrett and Meg scanned record covers.
  • Our hero Noemia Nicolas (St. John's University) pasted 778 pages into one to form the 78 database and list.

  • Fred Patterson, Head Archivist, tidied up the recordings database, and given another week or two, would maje it perfect! Fred also contributed the amazing essay on Jazz Samba.
  • Will Susich was our archivist who bridged the gap between Muslim and Brazilian Music Days, now busy fighting fires out West.
  • Quinn Macrorie, current Archivist, magically knew HTML - and that really helped as we worked simultaniously on pages and only lost one thing once.

  • Thanks to all. They made Brazilian Music Day possible.


    So very many organizations, artists, and individuals helped with Brazilian Music Day. Most everyone should be listed on the front/home page and we hope we listed them all on the links pages correctly. A few went way beyond ho will be participating in Brazilian Music Day:

  • ABMI (the Brazilian Independent Music Association)
  • Afro:Baile Records (AZ, USA)
  • British Library (London, UK) - talk on Brazilian music and link to searching their collection.
  • CD Baby + Borandá Records
  • Columbia University via Marc Hertzman who organized the Symposium.
  • Radio Eldorado
  • JMU School of Music
  • Chris McGowan - The Brazilian Sound (Florida)
  • Songlines Magazine (London, UK)
  • SONORIDADE online radio show - hosted by our own Beco Dranoff and hosted by Art-on-Air
  • Sounds and
  • Sterns Music (USA/UK)
  • TV Globo / Globo International (NYC, USA)
  • Portuguese Section, Department of Foreign Languages, U.S. Military Academy at West Point (NY)
  • Visom (Rio, Brasil) - database of 6500 seventy-eights; live studio session of Brazilian Instrumental Music by Alberto Rozemblit and Victor Santos.
  • Wiener Music & Arts Library, Columbia (NYC, USA) - Contributed database of holdings @ the library and an exhibition of materials.
  • WKCR

  • Plus hundreds of others who donated recordings, tips, metadata and advice!