Indùstria Brasileira (Made In Brasil)

Brasil enjoys an international reputation for two things: Football and music

Indùstria Brasileira focuses on the latest innovations in Brasilian music, rooted in a rich past but forging a bold path to the future by melding international influences such as hip-hop, funk, drum & bass, and reggae with traditional forms such as samba, bossa nova, forro, and MPB (Brasilian Pop Music).

Exploring the contemporary musical landscape of Brasil, Indùstria Brasileira follows artists both established and new--Gilberto Gil, Roberto Menescau, Marcelo D2, Dom Negrone, Aliance 21, Racionais, Black Alien, Digital Dubs, Mr. Catra, Grandmaster Raphael, DJ Marlboro, DJ SoulSlinger, Marcelinho Da Lua, Benegao, Anastacias, Mamelo Sound System, Nacao Zumbi, Marechal, and Kassin Mais Dois--who find equal inspiration in their own heritage as well as popular worldwide trends to create something totally unique and distinctly Brasilian. The film juxtaposes interviews with legendary artists such as Gilberto Gil, a pioneer of Tropicalia, and Afrika Bambaataa, the "Godfather of Hip-Hop," who discuss the social and political implications of their respective movements, with this new crop of Brasilian artists, who despite their musical diversity, are united by their desire for innovation and new modes of expression relevant to our current times. Weaving together personal anecdotes, live shows, studio sessions, and scenes from daily life, the film presents an image of Brasil in which artists use whatever is available to them to create the music of the future.

Even amongst casual observers, there has always been an avid interest in the music of Brasil, best known worldwide through the spectacle of Carnival. Though many documentaries and films have dealt with traditional Brasilian music and culture, nothing has been done on the youth-driven, contemporary music scene. Especially with the recent rise of baile funk, which has gone on to make a significant impact in Europe, North America, and Japan, the world is more curious then ever to know what is going on musically in Brasil. Indùstria Brasileira tells the story of Brasilian music in the mix.

Indùstria Brasileira is a joint production by WordSound Inc. and Amazonas Productions. WordSound has produced and released 64 albums in the last 15 years including a 2005 compilation of new Brasilian music called Made in Brasil (WSCD053). WordSound's Skiz Fernando put together this release in conjunction with Carlos França of Amazonas Productions, who acted as A&R on the project. The film, directed by Fernando and produced by França, expands upon the idea of the compilation, providing a living snapshot of Brasil's dynamic sounds.

Contact: Carlos França, Producer, 021-9359-0391

Skiz Fernando, Director, 410-733-0566

Production Office (land line): 021-3264-9754