This database represents the holdings at ARC, the Beco Dranoff Collection and those at Columbia University Libraries. Data on thousands of recordings was graciously donated by Sterns Music thanks to Robert Urbanus in the UK (1344 albums) and Gracenote (5800 CDs. Ah, but without any catalog numbers). Over the years we have also downloaded info from a variety of great websites that are now defunct online, including Brazil CD and Brazilgroove. The last field "source" tells you where the data is from.

The search box does a find in all fields you see, and some you don’t - so you can also search by genre, style, geographical region or country. Hit the field name to sort by that field. "ARC" in source means we own it. We will not finish cleaning up the data - sorting out the duplicates from the different sources before Sept 7th - but hope to finish by the end of the month. Also much info is arriving daily that we will eventually add.

        "Se os discos não existissem, o que teria sido de mim no Brasil?" - "If records didn't exist, what would have become of me in Brazil?"
        (Carmen Miranda 1909 - 1955)